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Husky Impact Glove Review
  • Husky Impact Glove Review

    Gloves like the Husky gloves are designed for light duty work such as moving wood, outdoor work like tree trimming or yard work and things along that line.  Once you understand what these gloves are designed for, you will understand when I talk about durability, dexterity, and price.


    Again, as long as you are using these gloves for light work, you will get a lot of use out of them.  While some people left reviews on The Home Depot saying their plastic peeled off, we didn’t experience this.  Again, I am not sure if it was a design flaw or these people were using it for the wrong type of work.

    If you are using these gloves to move wood from place to place and other light duty projects, these should hold up fine.  Even if you get a good month of use out of them, it’s not a bad deal for $9.  A small investment to protect your hands.



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