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  • RINGERS® R299

    SKU: R299

    Durable heavy-duty impact protection gloves, offering advanced cut resistance and grip


    • Durable grip system: For advanced hand protection with superb grip
    • Additional palm layer: Heightened cut resistance
    • Patented TPR design: Top-of-hand and finger-length impact protection
    • Features

      • Enhanced grip: RINGERS® R299 impact gloves feature a durable grip system on the palm and fingers, for high-performance grip levels in heavy-duty conditions
      • Advanced defenses: These RINGERS® gloves also boast an additional palm layer, granting wearers heightened cut resistance for a variety of applications
      • Specialized protection: Their patented TPR (thermoplastic rubber) design, developed with F3 Technology™, covers the top of the hand and full length of the fingers, delivering ANSI/ISEA 138 level 2 impact protection
      • Enhanced features: These heavy-duty gloves also feature a convenient extended airprene wrist closure with TPR pull tab, as well as Kevlar® palm stitching and a high-visibility external surface, for added safety and security

      • Engagement and release of drill string slips
      • Chaining up pipes
      • Installation and dismantling of rigs
      • Preparation of site - unloading of lines and valves
      • Handling iron - rigging work
      • Handling of tools
      • Seizing structural and body parts

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